Transitioning your Skin Care plan from summer to fall!

Cycles are part of nature: Tides rise and recede. Plants bloom then decay. Seasons change.

And much like trees shedding their leaves, you may see changes in your skin as the summer gives way to fall. It may be time for some seasonal care and renewal.

Being outdoors and enjoying the warmer temperatures may have brought joys to body and mind, but that exposure to the sun comes at a cost to your skin. Heat, wind and warm-weather lifestyles can dehydrate all skin types. Freckling and dark spots (hyperpigmentation) emerge, or become darker with that additional time spent in the sun. Wrinkling and other signs of aging can appear more prominently.

All that summer perspiration — the body’s way of regulating internal temperatures and shedding excess heat —also impacts your skin, which can become congested with sweat and dead skin as cell proteins keratinize and often become sticky, resulting in acne, congestion or skin that looks gray and dull.

Fortunately, like those trees shedding their leaves to nurture their core, you can renew your skin with a good fall treatment plan.

Visiting a skincare professional like Skin Kissed, is a great starting point. Your Esthetician will identify your skin type and help you select and customize appropriate treatment options, which might include, microdermabrasion, dermaplane, and/or enzyme masks.