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Crystal Salt

All Skin Kissed treatments are customized to your
specific skin type. Treatments are sometimes modified to suit
your goals and my expertise. 
During your initial visit, we will review your current products and home routine,
and discuss treatment options.

Canva - Young Woman Having a Back Massag

 Experience this amazing Back Facial treatment, in the relaxing, peaceful retreat of the Skin Kissed room.Don't forget the skin 'back there'! You will leave feeling relaxedand OH SOOOO Refreshed!

Now offering Keratin Lash Lifts!!

Screenshot_2019-08-16 Lash lift - Google

Introducing a new, healthier way of having longer, more lush lashes without all the fuss and damage of extensions! This formula nourishes your lashes while also lifting and curling the lash, giving them a longer, thicker appearance!

Add in a nice rich tint while you're here for an even longer, prettier look!

Basic Deep Cleanse Facial

50 minutes

Start with a deep, double cleanse with steam, followed by a thorough skin assessment,

individually selected mask, extractions

(as needed), hydration and SPF. This treatment also includes a relaxing, hydrating, hand massage


After Sun Cooling facial
45  minutes

Mildly sunburned and reddened skin is calmed and cooled during this gentle treatment.

A blend of hydrating and calming products ease the discomfort of sunburned skin and restores moisture levels in the skin.

The sooner the treatment occurs after the burn, the more likely peeling can be minimized and serious damage can be avoided.

Microdermabrasion - Diamond tip

60  or 45 minutes

Microdermabrasion is a gentle buffing away of the outer, dead and dull layers of the epidermis.

Removing these layers of skin, leaves your skin soft, bright, and better able to absorb hydrating products and other active ingredient serums.

No down time with this treatment, however, the wearing of SPF is highly recommended. 

Specially selected serums and products are used to fit your particular skin type and concerns.

Included with the full 60 minutes treatment is a microdermabrasion and massage of your hands, which leaves them extremely soft, hydrated, smooth, and looking much younger!

Extractions are done (if needed.)

(Monthly Membership pricing available)

Purple flower ring.png

What people are saying about Rezenerate:

"I have had microneedling treatments done multiple times for scarring on my cheeks from acne, as well as my increasing aging/wrinkles. I have had two Rezenerate treatments done in the last two months and the results are insane.  I personally don’t think I will ever do another micro needle again... not only the results but there is zero down time."



90  minutes

This nourishing nano-needling treatment will make your skin plump with deep hydration. Tiny silicone pyramids gently permeate the skin cell walls to deliver nutrient rich serums and active ingredients. The Rezenerate service starts with a dermaplane and is completed with 15 minutes of Red LED Light Therapy. This treatment protocol results in a reduction, and smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles and can greatly improve scarring without aggressive needles.

Often called "The BEST FACIAL EVER!!"

There is no downtime with this treatment, and results are often seen after just one treatment. A series of at least 6 treatments is recommended, spaced 2 - 4 weeks apart.

(Package bundles are available)


60  minutes

Bring your skin back to it's baby soft years with this fabulous treatment. Dermaplaning gently removes the vellus hair and outermost layer of dry skin from the surface of your face leaving it softer than you can imagine. It brightens, and can help reduce the appearance of scarring. In addition, dermaplaning allows for better product penetration, and thus more effective results. Done as a stand alone treatment, or often done in combination with other treatments, it offers an incredible boost like no other. No down time when done as a stand-alone treatment, only fresh, clean, super-soft and hydrated skin!

A hydrating treatment for your hands is included.

(Package offers available)

(Monthly pricing also available)


LED Light Therapy

45 min.

With zero downtime, or discomfort, RED Light Therapy is proving to be a breakthrough treatment for smoothing and softening fine lines and wrinkles. By emitting red, low-light wavelengths through the skin, red light therapy helps naturally jump-start the process of tissue recovery and other forms of rejuvenation through increased blood flow, collagen stimulation and more.

RED Light can be added on to most other treatments.

Acne Clear facial

60  minutes

 Acne is most often, easily treatable, but will require teamwork. I will work with you to educate and adjust your treatment regimine, as well as your home care routine and diet. It is a process that may take some time, but together, we will make great strides.  Several treatments exist, and the correct one will depend on your individual grade and type of acne.

It CAN be done!


Length Varies

Peels are an amazing way to give your skin a fresh, new start. Using primarily fruit-based, alpha hydroxy acids, Skin Kissed peel treatments offer a smoothing and brightening of the skin. Peels can also help reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation (brown spots).

Peels aren't only for the face however!

Try one on your feet!

Skip the pedicure and come in for a great foot peel!

*Peels are not performed on first time clients.

A treatment service, or complimentary consultation

and analysis must be done prior to a peel service.*

60 minutes

Back Facials

Relax and enjoy a deep cleanse and scrub on your back. This often neglected area tends to have larger pores which generally means more breakouts and blackheads. This treatment includes a cleanse, scrub, and a deep steaming which helps to lift and soften pore-clogging debris. 

Add in a microdermabrasion to this service for a tremendous boost and extra brightening!




Call or email to book waxing treatments

The Eyes Have it!

Lash Lifts

Lash Tinting

Brow Tinting

Brow Waxing

Wake up with darker, fuller-looking, lifted lashes and brows! This quick and easy process will darken light, and fading lashes and won't look unnatural. You can toss away that old brow pencil! 


15 minute Consultation

Let's talk... I will take an up close look at your skin and we will discuss treatment options based on your specific skin type and goals.  There is no charge for this appointment.

Call to schedule
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