You are not alone!

Did you know that you have company with you all the time? Yes, and they are 8-legged little guys who live in the hair follicles that cover your body! They especially love the moist environment around your eyes, and therefore, are most easily found in your eyelashes. Meet your friends, the Demodex mites!

Demodex mite photo

These little microscopic parasites are mostly friendly to their human hosts. They produce an antigen when they feed in a follicle, and the human body makes antibodies against them keeping their reproduction low and in balance.

They are contagious! They feed off of the skin cells, hormones and sebacious materials in your follicles. The sebacious materials are basically the fatty acids and oils that your skin secretes naturally. They use their scales to anchor themselves to the hair strands and they lay their eggs inside the follicle.

Eyelid with demodex infestation

The lifespan of the demodex mites can be several week